ADEA-I is a high performance DSD/DXD D/A converter with fine working and superior quality. ADEA-I is based on ES9018, the top audio DAC application platform. The built-in Hi-End USB interface is customized and made by Amanero italy.

ADEA-I is not a fast food product. It takes more than a year for R&D and manufacture. We never ignore every detail, from the circuit layout and optimization to selection of elements, especially the sound adjustment.

We do it as a musical Instruments but not a boring industrial machine.
Here, sincere dedication to you, music lovers and DSD audiophiles all over the world.

Main Features

  • Amanero Hi-End asynchronous USB interface embedded.
  • DXD 384k/32bit supported, and DSD up to 512X/1bit.
  • Support DSD Native and DoP dual mode.
  • Based on ES9018 ESS Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC chip.
  • Quad balanced configuration with 8-mono stacked to stereo layout.
  • Multi-Stage Power Supply System.
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Outputs.
  • COAX/AES/OPT S/PDIF inputs, support PCM 44.1~192k(24bit).

Design & Quality
  • ADEA-I designed with excellent aluminum case of rounded corners.
  • Front Logo with laser forming.
  • High quality acrylic front panel with simple and stylist design.
  • The LCD indicator can display the input, PCM/DSD, sample rate, filter, volume and audio type.
  • Individual operation keys include input, filter mode selector and volume control.


The Pure, Natural and Fluent Sound is Made.




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