ARTT Unveils ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player

ARTT, Dec 5, 2018 – ARTT Labs is now offering ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player for audiophiles, an innovative Hi-Fi level digital source for USB-DAC.

UX1 supports all UAC2 compatible DACs, such as Amanero, XMOS and ITF based units. The USB-DAC can be extended to home music center via UX1, and becomes Hi-End network media player.

The pure digital source with Low-Noise & Low-Latency makes it possible to release the potential and capability of USB-DACs, the Bit-Perfect sound is made.

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Hi-Fi USB audio applications.
  • Embedded pure audio system architecture.
  • Simple hardware and minimized audio firmware.
  • Low-Noise, Low-Latency and Low-Power design.
  • High performance USB output with PCM384/DSD256 digital streaming.
  • Native UAC2, selectable Low-Latency or Real-Time mode.
  • Total NAS solutions for accessing NFS, Samba and DLNA media share.
  • Full cross-platform remote control APPs.
  • Turnkey solution, plug and play.

More details about ARTT-UX1 please access Products channel.

ARTT Labs is a next generation of Hi-Fi instruments provider that deliver performance, innovation and style to audiophiles. We focus on the development of embedded digital audio system.

ARTT Labs (ARTTLabs)

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