ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player


ARTT-UX1 audiophile USB digital player, originally developed by ARTT Labs.
We focus on the front-end audio data transmission, and provide professional digital source for USB-DAC devices.

UX1 supports all UAC2 compatible DACs, such as Amanero, XMOS and ITF based units. The USB-DAC can be extended to home music center via UX1, and becomes Hi-End network media player.

The pure digital source with Low-Noise & Low-Latency makes it possible to release the potential and capability of USB-DACs, the Bit-Perfect sound is made.

As a mate of USB-DACs, UX1 is suitable for audiophiles who have a great pursuit of sound quality, providing a new music experience.

Both high noise and latency from the X86-PC units are damaging the DAC’s sound qualty. The noises can cross the I2S and DAC circuits, even reach the analog output stage. It’s time to say goodbye to Foobar, HQPlayer and JRiver …

Here, sincere dedication to you, all DSD audiophiles in the world.

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Hi-Fi USB audio applications.
  • Embedded pure audio system architecture.
  • Simple hardware and minimized audio firmware.
  • Low-Noise, Low-Latency and Low-Power design.
  • High performance USB output with PCM384/DSD256 digital streaming.
  • Native UAC2, selectable Low-Latency or Real-Time mode.
  • Total NAS solutions for accessing NFS, Samba and DLNA media share.
  • Full cross-platform remote control APPs.
  • Turnkey solution, plug and play.



ARTT Labs (ARTTLabs)