AudioMate ISO2DSD Converter

AudioMate (DSDMate) is an audio converter that runs as a windows extension on desktop.
It makes the audio conversion simpler, faster and more efficient.

Free for non-commercial use, without any warranty.
The copyright of third-party tools belongs to the authors. Thank all the developers.

Download: AudioMate
Code: ugfg
License KEY: 5200B3A2697B591322C2C65B059EE727
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If you found bugs or have any questions please Submit to us. Thanks !


  • Extract DSF/DSDIFF(DFF)/DST tracks from SACD-ISO image.
  • DFF2DSF or DSF2DFF conversion.
  • Decompress DST Lossless to DSD-Raw.
  • Transcode DSDIFF(DFF) to WAV or FLAC format.
  • Encode WAV to FLAC Lossless.
  • Transcode WAV to DSDIFF.
  • Decode Lossless (FLAC/WV/APE/ALAC…) to WAV/FLAC format.
  • Make track list file and Auto-Rename.
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10(32/64bit) platforms.


  • Please set current user as a member of Administrators.
  • Keep the same account when installing and running.
  • Before installing please close the anti-virus software and disable the UAC.

1. Double click AudioMate.exe to run Setup.
2. When completed, reboot …

Intelligent Menu

Right click on a folder or blank space, and select AudioMate menu item.
According to the file type in the selected folder, the conversion is automatic.
AudioMate can support the following audio files.

  • ISO Extract DSF/DFF/DST tracks
  • DFF/DSD Pack to DSF, Transcode to WAV/FLAC
  • DFF/DST Decode DST Lossless to DSD RAW
  • DSF UnPack to DSD RAW
  • WSD Transcode to WAV/FLAC
  • WAV Encode to FLAC/AIFF, or Transcode to DSD
  • Lossless Decode to WAV or Encode to FLAC

A folder is considered as an independent album, all files should be the same type.


1. When an extraction error occurs, it’s recommended to try Short Name or Output Path.
2. The long path will occur issues, the total length must be less than 256 characters.

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