ADEA-I is a high performance DSD/DXD D/A converter with fine working and superior quality.

Amanero Hi-End USB Interface

The ADEA-I's built-in USB interface supports DXD 384k/32bit, DSD up to 512X. Both DSD Native & DoP mode is available.

ES9018 Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC

ADEA-I is based on ES9018 ESS Sabre Reference DAC chip, the world's top audio DAC platform.

Balanced & Unbalanced Outputs

ADEA-I has both balanced & unbalanced analog outputs. True differential signal path from E9018 core to the XLR connector.

Design & Quality

ADEA-I was designed with Multi-Stage power supply system, optimized circuit layout, high quality elements and excellent aluminum case.

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