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Mar 28

ARTT-UX1 Firmware Upgraded to AUX1-21-230328

ARTT, Mar 28, 2023 HKT
ARTT Labs releases new AUX1-21-230328 firmware for UX1 player.
1. Add 2/4/8X oversampling output options to improve the frequency response of R2R NOS-DAC.
2. Add 44-48/88-96/176-192k downsampling output options to support some USB interfaces ......
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Jun 22

ARTT-UX1 Firmware Upgraded to AUX1-21-200622

ARTT, Jun 22, 2020 HKT
ARTT Labs releases new AUX1-21-200622 firmware for UX1 player.
1. Built in Vision web remote control with modern browsers supported.
2. Vision is suitable for operation on laptop computer, android or iPad tablet ......
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Mar 5

ARTT-UX1 Firmware Upgraded to AUX1-21-200305

ARTT, Mar 5, 2020 HKT
The new firmware AUX1-21-200305 has been released.
1. Add USB disk media playback function through USB hub extention.
2. Support NTFS / FAT32 / exFAT / Ext2-3-4 formats ......
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Jun 28

ARTT-UX1 Firmware Upgraded to AUX1-20-190628

ARTT, Jun 28, 2019 HKT
ARTT-UX1 firmware has upgraded to version AUX1-20-190628.
1. Some new devices can be enabled DSD-Native byCloud Servicedirectly.
2. Support newly launched DSD-Native devices through Custom Setting ......
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Mar 12

AudioMate has Upgraded to New Version

ARTT, Mar 12, 2019 HKT
The main changes of SACD-ISO2DSD Coverter are listed as follows.
1. No need for third-party menu tool, and better system compatibility.
2. Take album folder as operation object with intelligent navigation menus ......
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Dec 5

ARTT-UX1 Player Officially Released

ARTT, Dec 5, 2018 HKT
Today, ARTT Labs is offering ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player, an innovative & unique product which is worth looking forward to the market.
ARTT-UX1 is the first original player for Hi-End USB audio applications in china.
It's the ideal substitute of traditional digital source, such as PC and Mac, etc.
Here, sincere dedication to you, music lovers & DSD audiophiles all over the world.
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