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ARTT-UX1 USB digital player was developed originally by ARTT Labs.
UX1 is based on the embedded hardware and firmware architecture. Simple, Light, Efficient and Stable. The pure digital source with Low-Noise, Low-Latency and Ultra-Low power consumption makes it possible to release the potential and capability of the DACs.
UX1 provides a total NAS solution for accessing NFS, Samba/CIFS & DLNA/UPnP media share. In addition to the built in Vision web control, it also supports wide cross-platform remote control APPs with good operation experience.
UX1 supports all UAC2 compatible DACs, such as Amanero, XMOS & ITF based units.
Via UX1 music bridge, any USB-DAC can be connected easily to home music center, to become a Hi-End network media player.
As a high performance, high efficiency and high reliability digital player, UX1 is the best substitute of PC and Mac traditional CAS sources.
Here, sincere dedication to you, music lovers & DSD audiophiles all over the world.

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